TEFL in China Certification Program The TEFL program offered by Teach for the Future is the only TEFL teacher-training program in North America that has been authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA). This authorization allows individuals who have completed the TEFL program to easily apply for their Chinese work visa and waive the minimum two years teaching experience that is required when taking alternative teacher training programs.

The TEFL in China training is an intensive program. The course complies with international standards, thus is also recognized globally. However, several parts of the training program are specially designed for those who are motivated to teach English in China. This intensive program not only trains teacher candidates on the fundamentals of teaching English effectively as a foreign language, but also includes supplementary Chinese language lessons and sessions on modern teaching methods in China, the structure of the Chinese education system and effective ways to adapt to Chinese culture. Upon successful completion of this training and the examination, students will have a realistic, thorough understanding of the expectations, roles and requirements for teaching English in China and the TEFL in China Certificate will be awarded.

In order to address fluctuations in supply and demand for foreign teachers in China, foreign expert status is limited to those who have at least two-year teaching experience. For those with less than two-year teaching experience (including new university graduates), the Department of Cultural and Educational Experts, of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) permits them to teach in China, with foreign expert status, if they have taken the TEFL in China training, obtained their certificate, and got their records on the evaluation system for foreign language experts, which is kept by the Information Research Center, SAFEA.

TEFL in China Program Advantages:

a. Official certification of TEFL in China, which is issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

b. This certification could be equivalent to two years’ teaching experience.

c. 120-hour blended learning model makes the learning pace easier. Only 7-day intensive onsite training sections are required.

d. TEFL in China holders are eligible to apply for work permit in China (if other basic requirements are met)

e. Career pathway program is provided by Teach for the Future, so a teaching job is secured upon successfully obtain the certificate.