About Us

Teach for the Future is a global educational recruitment and consulting firm committed to providing a full range of services to both our clients and candidates. We work with over 10,000 educators and more than 100 educational organizations and institutions online and abroad.

Teach for the Future (TF) was founded by alumni of the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education in September 2015, in Vancouver, BC. TF is rapidly growing, and has expanded its offices to Boston, Massachusetts and Hangzhou, China.

Our organization works with many prestigious educational institutions, and industry leading candidates. Our aim is to facilitate mutually beneficial working relationships between both parties and foster international partnerships.

Our Services

Services for Institutions and Businesses:

We provide institutions with a full range of customized educational resources that are tailored to their specific needs.
  • ,   Teacher Recruitment and Placement
  • ,   Teacher training programs / Workshops
  • ,   Teacher Management
  • ,   Human Resources Consulting
  • ,   Business Development
  • ,   Course Development and Introduction

Services for Teacher Candidates:

Teach for the Future provides professional and reliable career development services to teachers who are interested in online and global education.
  • ,   Job placement online
  • ,   Job placement abroad
  • ,   Visa application assistance
  • ,   Accommodations abroad
  • ,   Health insurance abroad
  • ,   TEFL program

We look forward to continuing to work with educators and institutions all around the world to promote positive educational exchanges in an increasingly globalized world.